Trainings and consulting

Training is one of the pillars of our business. We offer training and consultation related to current customs legislation, with particular emphasis on areas such as:

  • Customs procedures,
  • Classification of goods according to tariff,
  • Determining customs valuation components,
  • Determining the origin of goods,
  • Simplifying customs procedures with particular emphasis on the role of AEO,
  • Training in the field of transit of goods (NCTS2)
  • Facilitation of the settlement of tax on goods and services payable concerning imports,
  • Rights and obligations of carriers, shippers, importers, exporters in the light of customs law

Specialising in the subject of customs law, or more broadly – trading in goods and services with third countries, we found a lack of sufficient sources of reliable and credible information in this area. Therefore, we offer a very wide range of training and consultation services – ranging from the basic presentation of the institution of an Authorised Economic Operator, to – as we pointed out above – providing detailed information on the classification of goods using the combined Community nomenclature TARIC, the correct determination of the origin and status of goods, the correct determination of customs valuation components, the basis for calculating customs duties and tax duties in excise tax and value added tax.

We also prepare and implement thematic training related to, for example, trade defence instruments (TDI), including, on the basis of the latest regulations and procedures established by the European Parliament and the Council of the European Union, on protection against dumping or protection against imports of subsidized goods from countries which are not members of the European Union. The scope of such training can be dedicated to specific products or in general – to the entire procedure, on which such processes are based.